About Maggie

Maggie’s mission and LUV for what she does is to give each and every Bride& Groom the Wedding day of their dreams.  But, to do so in a way that is not completely overwhelming, exhausting or ridiculously EXPENSIVE!!!! I promise that it can be done!!!!!! Maybe she’s the “INSIDER” in the business or maybe she just wouldn’t sleep at night without sharing all that she has gained.  I can’t guarantee that there won’t be days of stress or worry about that BIG DAY, what I’m telling you is that it’s Maggie’s  job to make sure that you don’t feel those things.  Your wedding day is not just a job to her! Maggie cares deeply about what LUV really means in this world, not just on the day you wed but for the years to come. 

There is nothing that pains her more then to see couples spend endlesssssss amounts of money on the STUFF!  Mag’s can guarantee you one thing……. The stuff doesn’t matter!!!!  What matters is that your vision is brought to life. As a Wedding Specialist for more then a decade, she never wants a couple to look back and say, “uhhhhh, planning my wedding was awful.”

Maggie wants you to not only remember the Wedding day itself, but she wants you to remember all of the time that was surrounded in that light. It can be the most romantic, loving, warm & fuzzy experience as you begin your lives together! That’s what she works for…..the warm and fuzzy!

About the Koala

Everyone has a time in their life when they need a little something comfy, a soft place to fall, something that makes them feel safe or let’s just be honest something that’s just so darn cute that you can’t help but smile when you see it! Well for me, that would be the KOALA!!! Yep, that’s right folks, I’m a 30 something that has a serious emotional connection to a stuffed bear!!!!! Exciting stuff I know!!!! I swear I’m NOT weird!!! HA!!!

Soooooo, soon after my husband and I startng dating, I was living in a TINY little apartment. I mean TINY, like the kind of place that you spin around and see its entirety! Small…. you get the picture. Well, in that tiny little place was so much LUV, it was bursting. Day by day, night by night as our LUV grew, there we sat on our tiny little LUV seat. I would lean into him, sorta snuggle up on him….well…. like a KOALA!!! And so it began….

Not soon after, I came home to find our fuzzy friend! As I referenced in my bio, I live for the warm and fuzzy!!!!! It kinda started as a joke, “hey lets set him up on a park bench and see people smile as they walk by.”  It soon became much much more than that! Our friends and family began looking for him, like he was some kind of hidden treasure.

LUV is a lot like that to me….. hidden treasure! It could take what feels like a lifetime to find. But let me tell you, when you find it…………well quite frankly it is possibly the best most unbeleavible, magical, overwhelming feeling EVER!!! The KOALA represents not just a funny stuffed animal to me. It represents LUV.

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